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The blood-soaked house of horrors “where a 17-year-old boy was beheaded” by gangsters – World News


Blood stained machetes were recovered from a house where the teenage Keane Mulready-Woods is believed to have been dismembered.

The young man is believed to have been brutally killed in a group war between warring factions in Drogheda, Ireland.

His limbs were found dumped in a sports bag while his head was recovered from a burning car.

Irish police are believed to have found the bloody machetes in a shed behind a house in Drogheda, County Louth, and floorboards soaked in blood inside the house.

Keane, 17, was kidnapped in his native Drogheda on Sunday, and is believed to have been killed later that day.

Irish Independent reports that the boy was stabbed several times in the torso before his body was dismantled.

Part of his remains were found on Monday, while police say a torso was not found.

Gardai imagined looking for an area around a house in Drogheda

Yesterday, it was revealed that sick images of a corpse were circulating online along with threats to gang leaders who said “fuck with us and you’ll lose your head”.

Gardai said on Thursday that a video circulating online was not that of the 17-year-old murder, but has not yet been able to verify the images.

It is understood that two psychotic butchers tore off their fingertips and thumbs before unloading their severed legs and arms into a street.

Sources said that this consisted of removing any potential DNA from the killers under the nails to help them escape the accusation, reports the Irish Mirror.

A senior source told the newspaper, “This was nothing short of barbaric. A completely depraved act.

“Keane’s body parts were downloaded to Coolock as a message for their enemies. It’s like something from the Netflix Narcos show.”

Gardai imagined looking for an area around a house in Drogheda

Keane Mulready-Woods was brutally killed

Investigators are checking with Keane’s family and friends from the Drogheda Beech area in an attempt to trace his latest movements.

A huge manhunt is underway for the drug devils who kidnapped, tortured and massacred him.

The murder of Keane, which shocked the country and made headlines across Europe, is the third murder in the bloody feud between two gangs.

The two main suspects are involved in a bloody war with a rival gang in Drogheda and a group run by a Mr. Big in Coolock.

On Monday, the killers were traveling to their rival’s house in Coolock to unload the body parts in his garden, but they panicked when a robbery arrived.

Instead, they unloaded their limbs into a street where the children found them.

Police patrol a house in Drogheda, Co Louth

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A source said: “They were also planning to keep their head and torso to be placed on a pillar or pole even close to their rivals, but they panicked again and disposed of them in a burning car.” .

Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan has asked for help to “put these people out of the market and behind bars”.

Gardai has been gathering information and information on what has happened to Keane since the last time he was seen at Dominic’s Bridge at 18:00 on Sunday.

He did not answer the phone or messages after that moment.

Investigators are looking for details on the movements of a blue Volvo S40 in which the head and torso were found.

It was stolen from Sandymount in southern Dublin in December and equipped with fake license plates. Investigators have been trying to establish its movements ever since.




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