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The British natural cosmetics brand “THE BODY SHOP” will open a sustainable new concept shop “Activist Workshop” in Nagoya’s Takashimaya Gate Tower Mall on April 9. After that, it will open at Amu Plaza Oita in Oita Prefecture on April 27, and at Amu Plaza Kokura in Fukuoka Prefecture on April 28.

The new concept shop uses recycled aluminum from retired Tokaido Shinkansen vehicles for the interior of the store. This is the first time outside the JR Central Group that JR Central’s Shinkansen recycled aluminum is used as a building material for store interiors. Recycled aluminum is used for cashier counters, window frames, the back of hand cream corners, and the back wall of back counters. In addition, Mino ware tile “Minoar” made of FSC-certified wood and materials with low environmental impact will be used for the interior.

In addition, the first new refill station in Japan will be installed. If you purchase a special aluminum bottle (300g size, 500 yen) and a pump (150 yen), you will get 4 popular body shampoos (moringa, British rose, strawberry, almond milk & honey, 1320 yen including tax) and 2 hand soaps. You can choose from a total of 6 types (tea tree, shea, 1320 yen including tax). It will be introduced in other countries, and will be expanded to about 400 stores worldwide in 2009 and another 400 stores in 2010.

“The Body Shop” has been engaged in many social activities such as ethical and sustainable product development, opposition to animal testing of cosmetics, and community fair trade, with the purpose of “confronting a more beautiful and fair society”. It was. In 2019, we obtained B Corporation certification, which is given to companies that meet strict standards such as social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. The new concept “Activist Workshop” was born in 19 at the flagship store in Bond Street, England, and is currently open at 17 of the approximately 3000 stores worldwide (as of the end of December 2020).

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