The bookshelf: anticipated books for 2021

In the middle of a year of confinement, the habit of reading expanded as well as the interest of avid readers, which has been reflected in the publication of more content by writers – who also had to stay at home squeezing his creativity–, making there are various jewels being awaited by thousands of people around the world.

The literary universe is made up of genres such as suspense, thriller, romance, historical or biographical that transport us to moments in history, or to the future, wrapped in narratives from the writers’ imagination. While we wait for the annual literary events, some books like ‘The hidden language of books by Alfonso Ríos (Planeta publishing house, 2021) have already hit the shelves, telling the story of Gabriel de la Sota and Mark Wallace, two men who despite being separated for almost 30 years (one in 1933 and the other in 1961), they interconnect through the words of De la Sota’s last work, in whose shadows there is a treasure and a mystery to be solved.

‘El instinto’, Ashley Audrain

In this new psychological thriller, the Canadian author will reach deep water by telling a tension-filled story about a mother, daughter and their difficult bond. Title (The Push, in its original language), which will be published in more than 30 countries on February 18, tells of the creation and destruction of a family, forged with fear of repeating generational mistakes or making irreparable changes, with which a second child arrives at the family nucleus, although this will not be the solution. In Instinct (Alfaguara, 2021), Audrain details a story of horror and redemption, “an exploration of the origin of evil and how family traumas pass from mothers to daughters”, according to her review.

‘Rematch’, Kiko Amat

Francisco de Asís Amat Romeu, better known as Kiko Amat, arrives with his new novel Rematch (Anagrama, 2021), loaded with cultures, a violent and dizzying narrative about revenge, love and addictions. Cunningly, Amat narrates the life of Amador, a dangerous mercenary who hides a secret that eats away at him from the inside, and César ‘Jabalí’ Beltrán, a former rugby player who is dedicated to avenging the victims of pederasts, thieves and hit men. Between the streets of Barcelona their paths will cross, creating a controlled chaos in their lives. The novel will be available in bookstores and digital sale from January 27.

‘One of the good ones’, Maika and Maritza Moulite

In this young adult novel, the Moulite sisters focus on taking a look at the losses of young African Americans at the hands of police brutality in the United States. The theme resonates with the events of the past year, but which have been part of the social landscape suffered by African Americans for decades. In their moving and heartbreaking story, the writers tell the story of three sisters: Happi, Kenzi, and Genny. When Kezi, the eldest, is killed by a police officer at an activist gathering, Happi and Genny get fed up with what everyone is saying about their sister and decide to take a road trip to honor her in their own way and discover new sides of themselves. same on the road. One of the Good Ones (original title) is available in physical and digital version through Amazon.

‘Star Wars: Light of the Jedi’, Charles Joule

For lovers of the saga created by George Lucas, a new story reaches our galactic borders. Star Wars: Light of Jedi (The High Republic) (original title), focuses on the history before the Empire, the Siths, Darth Vader and the Resistance, at the beginning when the Jedi held the Republic at the top of the chain of authority of the galaxy. Joule takes us into a story where force becomes salvation from the darkness that threatens to destroy life in the Republic when it is at its best. With adventures and new characters, the universe continues to expand beyond the stars. It is already available in Amazon and international bookstores.

‘The Daughters of Kobani’, Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

The US writer, reporter and foreign affairs expert brings a new proposal to the literary table, based on exposing a Kurdish military group made up of women who defended themselves against ISIS in 2014, in northern Syria, where they supported the American forces. Their stories are compiled by Tzemach in a blog that highlights rebellion against an oppressive system, courage, and the pursuit of justice and equity for women in the Middle East. Tzemach envelops the reader in a stark, yet hopeful narrative that stands out among his best books. It will be available worldwide from February 16, 2021.

‘Whitman’, Tieto Alba

From a fresh and profound perspective, Alba –responsible for the comic biographies of artists such as Picasso, Fellini or Balthus– takes the story of the famous New York poet Walt Whitman and transforms it into a journey through the American Civil War (1861- 1865), where the poet traveled through pools of blood from American soldiers in search of his brother. In the middle of the war, Whitman stayed to take care of the fallen, to write letters and poems, a little-known facet that Alba recounts with strokes of color and dialogues extracted from the poet’s memoirs, to make the reader know how the poet saw the birth of the United States. The work will be available from January 21, 2021.

‘Delparaíso’, Juan Del Val

Del Val has established himself as one of the most interesting voices within the contemporary genre in recent years since his novel Candle (Editorial Planeta, 2019) for which he received the 2019 Primavera de Novela award, within the innovative narrative. In Delparaiso we know a safe place, guarded 24 hours, luxurious and impregnable. However, its walls do not protect from fear, love, sadness, desire and death. Does it make sense to protect yourself from life? Is the question that arises from your review. Juan del Val directs his gaze, lucid and implacable, to a hermetic and inaccessible world to build an absorbing, funny and uncomfortable narrative that readers who enjoy complicated moral dilemmas will love. It is already available from January 7, 2021 in physical and digital form internationally.

‘I read it very black’, Antonio Lozano

The black novel author stands out with an essay on fiction, crime and life, which addresses the black genre from its origins to modernity, delving into the appeal of the occult, mystery and crimes for humanity and what that says about us as individuals and society. Its pages explore from historical aspects “to the profile of classical authors and the keys to the work of some of the most outstanding contemporary authors”, according to its Amazon page where it is available in digital and physical format since January 7, 2021.


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