The ‘Boss’ Javier Mascherano has already put on the new Barcelona shirt

The former world champion with the Argentina National Team Javier Mascherano arrived this Saturday, February 13, 2021 at Guayaquil to participate in the Yellow Night, for the presentation of the Barcelona SC.

Mascherano He highlighted the traditional celebration of the Ecuadorian team, so he said he was excited to enjoy and celebrate this Sunday, February 14, the invitation in the official presentation of the club for the 2021 season. This February 13, he already received the new t-shirt by the club managers.

In addition, he will meet again with one of Barcelona’s figures, the midfielder Matías Oyola, with whom he shared for several years, in his youth, in the Argentine River Plate.

That is another reason that makes him excited to participate in the Barcelona party, thanks to the management of the club’s president, the also naturalized Argentine Ecuadorian, Carlos Alfaro Moreno, one of the main scorers with the jersey of Barcelona.

However, Mascherano did not hide his sadness at not being able to enjoy a stadium full of fans, as happened with the Brazilians Ronaldinho (2016), Kaka (2018), the Uruguayan Diego Forlan (2017), the Italians Andrea Pirlo (2019) and Alessandro Del Piero (2020), who participated in the Yellow Night.

Mascherano, whom they call the ‘Little Boss’, said that he met last week with Kaka On the occasion of the Club World Cup in Qatar and the Brazilian told him how well he had in 2018 before, during and after the Yellow Night of that year, as the Barcelona stadium had about 60,000 fans.

Due to the biosecurity protocols required by the health authorities as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, the fans were not allowed to attend the stadium, so Mascherano invited them to watch the game and the surprises prepared for before the match from their homes. .

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The Yellow Night will be held this Sunday with a friendly between the host team and October 9, in which Mascherano will play with Barcelona for as long as its technical director, also Argentine Fabián Bustos.

Barcelona will start from next week the defense of the title it won last year, with a team reinforced by the Argentines Sergio Lopez, Michael Hoyos, the Uruguayan Gonzalo Mastriani, the local scorer Carlos Garcés, who have joined the gaucho goalkeeper Javier Burrai, the Paraguayan Williams Riveros and the Uruguayan Bruno Piñatares, among other figures.

After the match, Mascherano, who is now the new coach, will return to Buenos Aires to continue consolidating the project to prepare and train youth in soccer in his country, thanks to the proposal he accepted from the AFA. The ‘Jefecito’ also said that he is excited to work with the youth divisions of the Argentine Football Association (AFA).


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