The ‘Brexit’, unexpected ally

T he announcement that the entire adult population of the United Kingdom will be vaccinated before the end of July has been an injection of optimism for Ibiza’s tourism sector. This is the first news that allows us to visualize that there will be a tourist season next summer. The British market is the most important for the island of Ibiza, so much so that by itself it guarantees a minimum of activity that deserves to be celebrated. The own strategy that the UK government has followed both when it comes to reaching agreements with pharmaceutical companies and when it comes to authorizing vaccines is paying off. Exiting the European Union has allowed the United Kingdom to gain a competitive advantage over its former partners. Brexit has thus become an unexpected ally for the tourism industry in Ibiza and, to a lesser extent, in Formentera, an island where the weight of British tourists is less.

Taking advantage of the opportunity.
The Pedro Sánchez government is still not up to the task, although there is insufficient change in position, driven by evidence that other countries, such as Greece, are going faster by negotiating directly with Downing Street. It will be useless if our main clients are vaccinated if we do not facilitate their entry, eliminating the requirements of PCR to enter and to keep quarantine when returning to the country. To do this, an agreement with the British government is urgently needed, preferably within the framework of the European Union, and if this is not possible, in a bilateral negotiation.

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Is not sufficient.
That the British cannot be infected and that they greatly reduce the transmission capacity as suggested by the studies that are being carried out as the vaccination processes progress in the most advanced countries, such as Israel, is not enough. It goes without saying that to be reliable we must present very low infection rates, below 50 cases of incidence accumulated at 14 days, and the highest possible rate of vaccinated. There is hope and also a lot of work ahead.


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