The British called the likely Russian-Ukrainian conflict “madness”

The British named the outcome of a possible war between Ukraine and Russia. In their opinion, Kiev will fail if NATO suddenly lacks resources in the confrontation, and the alliance begins to retreat.

The British reacted to the information about the beginning of large military exercises in the Russian Federation due to the escalation in the south-east of Ukraine. At the same time, the Ukrainian head Volodymyr Zelensky assured about the search for ways for the power to enter NATO, writes Daily Mail.

British readers believe that Ukraine’s entry into the alliance in Donbass will further aggravate the already tense situation in the region. They stressed that they are extremely dissatisfied with the possible membership of Kiev in the North Atlantic bloc. In addition, London does not intend to get involved in a conflict with the Russian Federation over Ukraine.

British users complain that Kiev will drag Western countries into another international armed conflict. They are confident that they will not be able to outplay the Russian Federation, which has nuclear weapons. The British themselves admitted that they still cannot end the wars in the Middle East.

Some readers from Britain believe that by its intention to join NATO, Ukraine thereby provokes “aggressive actions” from the Russian side. They are convinced that the Red Army will win in this confrontation. In addition, they do not rule out that all of Ukraine may end up under the control of the Kremlin.

In addition, British citizens recalled the historical facts of World War II, when Britain and France independently “harnessed” to defend Poland.

“It’s crazy if NATO does the same to Ukraine,” the British noted.

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Recall that the other day Strelkov predicted a military conflict for Russia with Ukraine over the Crimea. Polish analyst Konrad Muzyka does not believe that war is really possible between Russia and Ukraine. He gave the media the reasons for his conviction.

It is interesting that on the eve of the United States itself predicted the defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the event of a war in Donbass. In Finland, they explained why Russian troops would not launch an offensive against Ukraine. The Jewish prophet predicted the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, which could then affect the new world order.


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