The British were in a panic that Putin’s submarines would cut off the internet for them. Reedus

British tabloid The Sun published an article citing its experts that Russian President Vladimir Putin has created a secret northern fleet of submarines that will cut the UK’s vital underwater Internet cables and “plunge the country into chaos.”

The threat is very real from the secret Russian submarines. Their goal is to retain the ability to disrupt or destroy the cables on which the UK economy and all of its communications depend. Even minor damage can cause indescribable chaos and destruction of Britain, – said defense expert Rob Clark of the Henry Jackson Society.


The specialist claims that the Russian submarines are hidden under a huge flagship submarine. And built to hide at the bottom of the ocean. Then, as the author of the publication writes, they use robotic arms to be able to cut key cables that help the global economy cope with the consequences of the crisis.

As the publication notes, submarine cables crossing the seabed are the conductors of 97% of the UK’s Internet traffic, on which 10 trillion dollars of financial transactions depend on a daily basis. Therefore, a sudden break in cable networks can lead to catastrophic consequences – Britain will be cut off from the Internet, from the rest of the world, financial transactions will be paralyzed, and operational communication with the military stationed abroad will be disrupted.

Experts believe the US is also under threat, as the report by the US Director of National Intelligence calls on Washington to strengthen its protection for submarine cables. One American submariner even told the publication how he allegedly witnessed how the Russians trained to lift and cut the cables during military exercises.

The interlocutors of the publication said that such a tactic was first used by the Russians during the Cold War and since then the technology has only been improving.

Former US submariner Aaron Amik, while working as a sonar operator off the coast of Norway, witnessed the operation of Russian submarines to cut the cable.

We watched a Russian squadron off the coast of Norway. The base ship was a specially modified ballistic missile submarine from which the missiles had been removed. The space where the missiles were earlier served as a canopy for the second mini-sub, which they lowered to the bottom. They undocked the submarine, and she dived very deep, almost to the bottom, to find these cables, – Aaron Amik recalled.

This article was published against the backdrop of aggravated relations between Russia and the United States. As wrote, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called Washington’s “stupid” line of confrontation with Moscow, since it does not correspond to the interests of the United States itself.

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