Fear of the British groups to an exit without EU agreement on next October 31.

Theautomotive industry in United Kingdomis facingmillionaire lossesin case the next October 31 there is an abrupt departure from the European Union, as many analysts start predicting.

A report published today by theAssociation of Engine Manufacturers and Dealers (SMMT, for its acronym in English)It ensures that the industry lose 70 million pounds a day if the UK leaves the EU without agreement. In addition, it indicates that the average price of a car could rise around 1,500 pounds, due to the new tariff rates that the European Union could apply.

"The end of the non-existence of borders can cause great difficulties for the industry that is based on the just-in-time model," says the report. "The delay in transporting parts of the production chain is measured in minutes, andeach minute of delay can cost 50,000 pounds(56,000 euros) in gross added value, or what is the same, 70 million pounds a day in the worst case scenario ".

The automotive industry is one of the most critical with the Brexit process and one of those that calls for clarity in the process for months. The sector has already lost two big names in the last year.Sling, the Japanese manufacturer, has announced the closure of a plant in Swindon in 2021, whileFordhas said to cut the size of its plant in Bridgen (Wales).

Although neither of the two manufacturers explicitly said that Brexit was the cause of their decision, in the UK it is feared that political uncertainty is holding back investment in the sector and forcing manufacturers to look at other parts of Europe at the same time. time to direct your next projects.

The United Kingdom has a strong presence of Spanish component companies, as in the case ofGestampYAntoln, among other.

The concern of the sector has increased before the foreseeable trip of Boris Johnson, who could become the next Prime Minister before July 22, when the Conservative Party activists decide who should replace Theresa May. Johnson says his intention is to leave the EU on October 31, with or without agreement.