A disqualified driver left behind a mother who believed she would die after being plowed on a Friday night at a popular Chinese snack.

Frightening footage shows the moment when 31-year-old Lewis Cadogan crashes through the window of the Man Po snack after being persecuted by police in Ely, Cardiff.

On Friday, the Newport Crown Court heard that the spice and crack cocaine user had driven his former partner's Vauxhall Astra after giving him the keys to change tires on June 8, 2018.

But Cadogan did not stop when he was spotted by police on Grand Avenue and made a high-speed run, overtaking stationary cars at the traffic light before hitting the establishment on the opposite side of the road.

The court heard that takeaway customer Gemma Richards had ordered food for her daughter's birthday when the car drove through the take-away window on Cowbridge Road West.

Lewis Cadogan fled the scene

Leah Pollard, prosecutor, said: "[Ms Richards] I could hear a noise that was described as a screaming car. The noise was so loud that it was incredible.

The sound came closer and closer before the car drove through the concrete beams and the shop window.

"The only thing she could do was to take her head in her hands and wait for the car to drive, she thought she was going to die."

Ms. Richards was later hospitalized after suffering a seizure associated with shock, bruising on the hips, abdomen and right leg, and tissue damage to her right ankle.

She shivered as she read her testimony about the victim's effects in court, and said her daughter now turned up the volume of the TV at home to prevent her mother from hearing the sound of cars in front of her house.

The scene after a car accident with the Chinese snack Man Po

She said, "Since the incident, I've been everywhere, I feel I do not know myself anymore.

"Every day it gets so hard to handle everything, even the smallest things, I just want to be in my house all the time, I feel so tired, I feel sorry for my children, how often they see me crying." ,

"I just want to get back to normal, I have flashbacks about the incident a couple of times a week, there's no warning, everything around me feels like a danger, and every time I'm in the car, I feel overwhelmed. "

"I do not let my kids play in the front yard because the cars are driving down the street, which ruined my life.

"Some days I said, I think I wish he had killed me that day, I live it over and over and I feel like I'll never get over it.

"I wish I could not remember it."

In a statement, David Lai, the owner of the popular snack, said he had around £ 16,500 out of his own pocket to cover the damage while waiting for his insurance to cover the cost.

He said, "I had to borrow from friends and family to keep the business going.

"I can not open my shop to the public, so I have to work from the back of the store [for food deliveries],

"I have a six month old daughter and the seriousness of the incident has influenced my life.

"In the end, I was missing the payments for my mortgage."

The court heard that Cadogan had "flown out of the scene" and was arrested the following day in Kayleigh Carey's house.

After being granted a bail, he was later arrested for threatening Ms. Carey and girlfriend Brianna Tobin in a series of phone calls between 13 and 18 February 2019.

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Mrs Pollard described an incident with Mrs Carey on 14 February and said: '[Ms Casey] Received a voicemail from the defendant to go outside.

He laughed and said [the next] Fireworks would be put through her mailbox. The next voicemail is running.

"On her birthday, he said he would find her, he would look for her.

"The message ended" I'll catch you for. "

Ms. Carey, who received between 20 and 30 calls from the defendant daily during this time, said, "I just want him to leave me, my friends, and my family alone.

"I keep looking over my shoulder, I do not go out, I think he'll see me, I'm always hiding from him, but I should not have to, I had to go somewhere else with my three kids and it's not like that fair to them. "

Hashim Salman, who defended himself, said there had been difficulty detained with Cadogan.

He said, "Mr. Cadogan has kept quiet about his personal circumstances as well as anything else in this case.

"He used crack cocaine in the past, especially with a drug commonly referred to as a spice.

"It's a drug that has profound implications for those who abuse it, and this has become prevalent in this case."

Mr. Salman added that the father of two had "serious" problems with self-harm and suicidal thoughts and was monitored in his own name while in custody.

Judge Daniel Williams described the video surveillance of the takeaway incident as "absolutely terrible".

He said: "[Ms Ricards] thought she was going to die.

"She was physically and mentally injured, saying that her life was essentially destroyed."

Prior to the hearing, Cadogan pleaded guilty to Morris Finer Close, Ely, having committed property damage, dangerous driving and bodily harm to Gemma Richards.

He also pleaded guilty to breaking an injunction on Kayleigh Carey and sent malicious messages to Mrs. Carey and Brianna Tobin.

Cadogan was sentenced to eight years and three months in prison, half of whom are being detained before his release.

The defendant clapped and laughed in the dock after receiving his verdict.