The carriers, the great forgotten during the Filomena storm

Julio Villaescusa Izquierdo, president of Fenadismer.

Given the situation created in the road freight transport during the passage of the storm Filomena around the Peninsula, with more than 11,000 vehicles bagged throughout the weekend, Fenadismer, through its president Julio Villaescusa Left, has published an open letter in which it laments the scant attention that transport receives, both from different public administrations and private users, in critical situations such as that generated by the storm and despite being considered an essential sector.

The content of the letter from Julio Villaescusa is the following:

If the storm Filomena has shown us something, it is that once again transporters are still the great “forgotten” of our society. Citizens are shocked when a few thousand private drivers are blocked for 12 hours on the road, and they have reason to be, but they do not seem to show the same sensitivity when tens of thousands of professional drivers are held against their will on the side of the road more than 72 hours in a row “bagged”, as they now officially call it, as if it were a food package.

These same road professionals are those who during Christmas remained trapped for a week on the runways of an abandoned airport or in a ditch of a motorway in the United Kingdom Or those who, when any conflict or demonstration on the road occurs, are the main victims, without in any case organizing a rescue operation to rescue them.

But in turn, they are those who today, with great difficulty and risk to their safety, are transporting the necessary food so that the cities do not run out of supplies after the snowfalls, who are carrying thousands of tons of salt for municipal services they can remove the ice from the streets, the ones that are supplying the necessary fuels so that no house is left without heating; in short, those who provide the essential service that society has not yet recognized.

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