The Celtics negotiate to choose between the first three positions of the draft

The Boston Celtics do not give up in their efforts to ascend in the 2020 NBA draft. According to a report from journalist Marc Stein, the Massachusetts franchise has opened several fronts to get one of the top three picks of the event that will take place in just a few hours. These are in the hands of the Timberwolves (1st), the Warriors (2nd) and the Hornets (3rd).

Currently, the Celtics have up to three first-round picks (14, 26 and 30). Very attractive but without a real interest in them beyond being used as a bargaining chip. The space in the roster It is minimal and in Boston they require one or two movements of a certain magnitude to help them establish themselves as legitimate contenders to the ring.

The roadmap for Danny Ainge to follow is full of many different paths and options. Everything points to the general manager it will move sooner rather than later, but it only remains to be clarified what direction it will take. The main shortcomings of the squad point to the inside game and that is where the shots could go.

Two are the scenarios that are proposed after the franchise and Gordon Hayward have postponed until Thursday the player’s decision on his player option worth 34 million dollars. In this way, the Celtics could move card during the night of the draft or wait for its completion to put together an operation.

For now, the Hawks have emerged as the franchise with the greatest interest in closing a trade with the Celtics. In Atlanta they closely monitor the situation of the forward and have valuable assets such as Kevin Huerter, Cam Reddish or De’Andre Hunter, in addition to an interesting pick 6. Another thing is that Ainge prefers to incorporate more contrasted and veteran profiles capable of joining the project from the first minute.

Nor can we rule out an operation involving Kemba Walker. Knee problems tied up the point guard during the playoffs and maybe all of us are hiding information that they do have in Boston. Be that as it may, in the Celtics’ offices they have the assets and the draft rounds necessary to liven up the market for the next few days.

(Cover photo by Tim Bradbury / Getty Images)

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