The Champions League will mark the future Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala

In just a few hours, the Juventus Naples is measured in a match that at the time had to be postponed due to the coronavirus. The clash seems decisive for the future of Andrea Pirlo and Rino Gattuso, since their respective teams have been describing streaks very far from the expectations created at the beginning of the course.

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Especially dramatic is the situation of the old lady. After the last setback against Torino (2-2), the Piedmont side has been relegated to fifth place. To this day, their options to fight for the title are already scarce (they are 12 points away from Inter Milan), so their main objective is none other than to secure a place in the positions that give the right to contest the next edition of the Champions League.

Without Champions, safe sale

If you do not get a ticket for the maximum continental competition, the Turin team will have to readjust its accounts. Without the income that this tournament leaves, the leaders will be almost doomed to transfer one of their stars to lighten the salary mass and square the economic balance.

In this sense, and according to account Tuttosport, the two footballers who, if necessary, could be sacrificed are the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo (36 years old) and the Argentine Paulo Dybala (27). Fortunately for those in Turin, there are still ten games left to turn the current scene around. The first, today.

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