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The chemical explosion in Catalonia kills one and injures six | World news


A massive explosion at a petrochemical plant in the northeastern Catalan region of Spain killed one person and seriously injured at least six others.

The explosion in the port city of Tarragona sent a column of black smoke into the sky and prompted local authorities to warn people in the surrounding areas to stay inside as a precaution.

A person was killed when the shock wave generated by the explosion caused a building to collapse, according to local media reports.

Another person was missing, said the TVE broadcaster.

The office of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said that he had been in contact with the Catalan authorities and that Madrid was ready to “provide the necessary support due to this serious event, which caused several injuries and serious material damage”.

A spokesman for Catalonia’s emergency services, which provides disaster relief in the region, confirmed that someone had died in a nearby building that collapsed, adding that he could not yet confirm whether this was directly related to the explosion or fire. .

The fire was now contained, the spokesman said, adding that two people suffered severe burns, another victim suffered less severe burns and three suffered minor injuries.

About 20 fire trucks, 11 first aid vehicles and a helicopter took part in the accident.

The civil protection agency advised close people to stay indoors with doors and windows closed as a precaution, but added: “There is no evidence of a toxic cloud.”

Local trains between Tarragona and nearby Port Aventura have been suspended by police order, rail operator Rodalies de Catalunya said, while the regional transport authority said some roads had been closed.

The company concerned is Industrias Quimicas del Oxido de Etileno, confirmed the firefighters.




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