The residents of a local nursing home put on red noses and a comedy fly to support their fundraiser for the Winchester Hospice.

The Abbotts Barton of Colten Care on Worthy Road are in the middle of a joint year of donations with sister house St Catherines View on Stanmore Lane.

Those who lived in the homes, their families, friends, and caregivers enjoyed an afternoon of circus events, music, and games, raised £ 154 and raised the donation to £ 1,326.50.

Deot Lovewell, manager of Abbotts Barton, said: "The support for the Winchester Hospice is tremendously high among all the staff at Abbotts Barton and St. Catherines.

"Our residents and their families love a good party and we hold events all year round. That's why we're confident we'll be able to raise a really good amount of money for the hospice by the end of 2019. "

Patients and their families are currently forced to travel to Southampton, Basingstoke or Andover for their next hospice care.

The Winchester Hospice appeal aims to transform Burrell House on the grounds of the Royal Hampshire County Hospital into a state-of-the-art end-of-life facility.

The refurbishment of Burrell House will cost approximately £ 3m.

Sabrina Marsden from the Winchester Hospice attended the event in a circus ringmaster outfit.

She said, "We were thrilled to hear that the two Abbotts Barton and St Catherines View are supporting us in all their fantastic events this year.

"When it's built, the Winchester Hospice will be proof of the hard work and determination of people of all ages from across the region, including those gracious residents and their families and caregivers.

"We are extremely grateful to Colten Care and its homes for their support."