The City Council attended 20 reports of incidents due to the strong storm this afternoon in the capital (11:45 p.m.)

Oaxaca de Juárez, April 7. The Oaxaca de Juárez City Council, through the Civil Protection Sub-Directorate of the Public Safety, Roads and Citizen Protection Directorate, reports that after the rain that occurred today in the Oaxacan capital, 20 reports were attended for incidents derived from rainfall .

Until 10:00 p.m., staff from the municipal agency went to the so-called citizens who reported 12 flooding in points such as Pinos Street in the Aurora neighborhood, where the water entered a house, as a result of the saturation of the drainage.

Other points where flooding was registered was in the second section of the Guadalupe Victoria agency, the Arboledas neighborhood, the Donají agency, the San José La Noria and Trinidad de las Huertas neighborhoods, the Parque del Amor, the Periférico, the Cuauhtémoc streets, 21 de Marzo, Rayón, among other points. It is worth mentioning that most of the flooding that was reported is due to the accumulation of garbage in the sewers.

The elements of the Civil Protection Subdirectorate also attended to five reports of clogged sewers, one on the old road to Monte Albán, next to the pantheon, Alamos streets in the Reforma and Eclipse 70 neighborhood of the Historic Center, as well as in the Lomas de San Juan subdivision and La Soledad de San Martín Mexicapam street.

Personnel from the municipal agency went to the so-called citizens who reported the fall of a tree branch in the Pueblo Nuevo agency, as well as the fire of a pine tree in Santa Anita, lower part, and the fall of a tree in the Fraccionamiento San José La Noria.

Faced with the situation, the Civil Protection Sub-Directorate is on alert to apply the corresponding protocols in terms of prevention and assistance to the population due to this type of hydrometeorological phenomena.

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The population is urged to always be aware of the weather warnings and to be always alert to report any eventuality to the telephone numbers of the Civil Protection Subdirectorate: 951 144 84 91 and 951 144 82 87, available 24 hours a day.

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