Lezley Marion Cameron

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City Council of Edinburgh

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Ms. Cameron has promised to reimburse the cost of personal travel

The Edinburgh Council Vice-Chief of Finance will step down after criticizing taxi costs of nearly £ 1,500.

Since May 2017, Lezley Marion Cameron's trips accounted for 23% of the city council's taxi bill amounting to £ 6,524.

The allegations included admissions that, according to the Labor Councilor, had to do with her work.

Cammy Day, Deputy Council Chair and Group Leader, confirmed that Ms Cameron would leave her post.

He said: "Cllr Cameron will move away from her financial role and we will work with her to find a role that fits her many skills and experiences. "

Ms Cameron, Deputy Coordinator for Finance and Resources of the Authority, has stated that she will pay back all personal travel expenses.

The city council was also selected to contest the next parliamentary elections for the Edinburgh Pentlands constituency.