The climate of tension grows in Añelo due to the health cut and the counterpique of truckers

“It seems that we are going to have a long and tense night,” said the mayor of Añelo, Milton Morales.

Since the various cuts began in the Vaca Muerta oil roads by health workers, nervousness has been increasing in the locality. The truckers made a counter picket that prevents the movement of citizens. They can only cross the route on foot from one side to the other.

“We are isolated in the locality, no one can enter or enter,” said the communal chief, who added that a 20-kilometer long line of trucks had formed.

Morales affirmed that in the urban area of ​​Añelo there was an isolated incident between truck drivers, which he pointed to as an isolated incident.

The cuts remain indefinitely on Route 7 (on the way to Rincón), Fortín de Piedra, Bateria 3 (above, along the plateau) and Bajada de los Patrias. The blockade is total and only allow the passage of emergency vehicles.



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