The Club World Cup is an unnecessary evil

FIFA has announced that the Club World Cup will be played in February 2021 and not at the end of the year as is the tradition and was planned.

This mini tournament is a very insipid title, especially for European teams who are the ones who win it most of the time. It is the closing for a golden season, because playing it implies having won the Champions League, but it takes away valuable rest and vacation time from the players.

One of the objectives of this tournament is to prove the headquarters of the next World Cup in logistics, communication, transportation, which is ridiculous and absurd, because the magnitude and importance of the events are unmatched.

The Club World Cup exhibits the strengths and weaknesses of each of the confederations. The difference between one and the other is clear, notorious and known to all, so the need to show it in a series of matches is neither interesting nor attractive.

If this tournament has never had its place, after a coronavirus pandemic, now it is also an unnecessary risk. Proof of this is the number of positive cases that have occurred after resuming sports activity around the world.

Life must go on. Sport has to continue, it is a multi-million dollar business on which the livelihoods of many families and economies depend, as well as being the perfect medicine for the most difficult times. But, as in everything, prudence must be accommodated and the risks in which the cost-benefit is so high must be eliminated. The Club World Cup is an unnecessary evil.

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