The confinement bike ride that complicates Boris Johnson

The British prime minister traveled 11 kilometers while his government has asked the population to “stay at home”.

“Stay home” is the message that the UK authorities have sent to the population as a result of the rise in coronavirus infections in recent weeks.

However, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in the midst of criticism after he made an 11-kilometer bicycle trip last Sunday and that has generated controversy for not respecting the measures that his own administration requires of the English.

The messages from the British government have been confusing to say the least, since while the Government’s medical adviser, Chris Witty, asked the population to “redouble” their confinement efforts, Downing Street defended Johnson’s trip by assuring that there was no violated the rules that allow “local” outings for physical exercise.

Even Scotland Yard asked government authorities for clarity on confinement rules, as two women were recently fined £ 200 for driving seven kilometers by car to go to a park to exercise, according to reports BBC.

Last Friday, the United Kingdom registered 1,325 deaths in a single day, saturating the available beds in hospitals. To date, it has 3.1 million infected and more than 82 thousand deaths since the start of the pandemic.

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