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Ryan Fuller told The Hunts Post: “With the current Coronavirus crisis, we are faced with the most difficult circumstances that many people will have ever known or never anticipated as we witness unprecedented changes in the way we live our lives. However, the extraordinary way our communities have already responded to some of these challenges, with volunteers, community groups and parish councils coordinating informal support for the needy, makes me immensely proud of our Huntingdonshire community and what we can get when we pull together.

“For its part, I want to reassure you that the Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC) is working hard to make sure that whatever happens, we continue to provide essential services and provide vital assistance to our residents and businesses. By working with the government, the Cambridgeshire County Council, the health service and other partners, we have plans in place to ensure that we can provide support to our most vulnerable residents.

“The government has announced that those on the list of 1.5 million people classified as most vulnerable due to existing health conditions will receive further help. In response, we are establishing a local hub to coordinate access to food, medicine and others. supplies first, and if you need help, we will make sure you get it. You can sign up for this support at

“We are trying to keep the usual council services as much as possible and most services work normally; with the exception of playgrounds, recreation centers and non-food markets. However, as things develop, we may not be able to do everything we usually do and some services may be slower. We will make the necessary decisions to prioritize essential first-line services. Please have patience. The County Council has now closed its household waste recycling centers, but this has no impact on our waste collections, so there is no need to call HDC to verify.

“Councilors like those who collect your bins and keep the streets clean often don’t get the recognition they deserve, but at times like these, remember that they are also on the front lines, they cannot protect themselves by working from home and deserve our respect.

“It is very easy to criticize via social media, especially when people are unaware of why things are done in a certain way. Please accept, however, that as council we are working 24/7 to handle the situation , keep people as safe as possible, and ensure that businesses and residents in trouble because of what’s going on get the help they need. We always follow the latest government and public health advice, and agents and I we regularly speak directly to ministers and public officials.

“To allow us to focus our efforts on those most in need, please consider how you choose to interact with the board right now. Think if you really need to call us; our customer service center is facing a huge spike in demand, but our website is constantly updated with the latest information and reporting information. We must free our phone lines for those people who may not have access to the internet. We also keep our social media feeds updated with the latest man information. as the advice changes.

“Together with the partners we launched the portal – an online community hub where people can be reported for localized support and information on the current situation.

To minimize the impact of coronavirus locally, we need everyone to follow the national health service and government guidance: – work from home where possible, undertake only essential travel (to purchase food supplies, etc.), removal social and self-isolation if you or someone you live with has symptoms.

“At the time of writing, our parks, open spaces and food markets are still open, but communications have been made to remind people to adhere to government advice on social distance, keeping at least two meters away. from the next person. Current public health advice predicts that markets and food parks can remain open as long as people use them responsibly – compliance with social exclusion rules is so important

“The situation is changing rapidly as the virus spreads and further affects the business as usual, but I assure you that HDC will respond quickly to do everything possible for our community. At the time of this writing, I have just instructed the agents to suspend parking fees in all HDC car parks in the district. If people are following government directions, then those who now use our parking lots should primarily be key operators who undertake jobs they cannot do from home and who buy food and other essential supplies. We will therefore do everything possible to support them.

“I also asked the councilors to prepare a series of additional measures that HDC can take to help local residents and businesses. I hope to implement these measures this week and will provide another update as soon as possible. But for now, I want to thank you for your efforts and patience – and to make our message absolutely clear: we will do everything we can to support our incredible community and to ensure that those who need it most receive help.

Cllr Ryan Fuller

Executive chief

District Council of Huntingdonshire

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