The couple’s Valentine’s meal stopped when the police came to the restaurant to arrest them

A couple’s plans for a romantic lunch were interrupted on Valentine’s Day as police intervened to arrest them in connection with a burglary.

The agents were waiting for the couple, a thirty year old man and woman, as they made their way to their reservation at a great restaurant on Bruton Street in Mayfair in central London on Friday.

Metropolitan police claimed that their burglary team was conducted in an exclusive location after finding the CCTV footage of the male suspect who booked a table on the same day he is suspected of having entered a few home minutes away.

The detectives were keen to interrogate the man and woman about a couple of residential burglaries, including the theft of high-value clothes and bags from an address in Bruton Lane on February 3.

The celebrations for the Valentine’s Day couple have become harsh

Police said the male suspect was spotted on CCTV who showed him “calmly” by visiting the restaurant late in the morning, minutes before allegedly breaking into a victim’s home.

The agents visited the restaurant and “could not believe their luck” when he was told that the man had booked a table for two on Valentine’s Day.

The information set the scene for a bust on February 14th which ended with the celebration of the spoiled couple who were taken away in handcuffs outside the restaurant.

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The man was arrested on suspicion of burglary and the woman was accused of handling stolen goods after a designer purse was seized, police said.

The couple were taken to a police station in central London around 13.30 on Friday, where they remain.


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