The ‘Covid Protected Space’ seal for companies is presented through intelligent experiences

  • Customers react positively to a certificate that accredits the ‘Protected Area’
  • DUE CORPORACIÓN presents the ‘Covid Protected Space’ seal through the intelligent experiences of Formagame, the new interactive, personalized and direct way of presenting companies

Madrid, April 2020. After the pandemic, companies have been forced to renew and adopt new hygienic-sanitary measures to ensure the safety of your customers and employees. Since the arrival of the coronavirus in our lives, the most effective measures that attract entrepreneurs the most are preventive and
compliance with protocols. Thus, the seal is born ‘Covid Protected Space’ to meet the new needs of companies, through an interactive experience.

“It is about making a certificate available to all organizations as the maximum guarantee in the market for compliance with national and international standards and recommendations in the fight against the pandemic,” explains José Manuel Sánchez – Cervera Rodríguez, CEO of DUE CORPORACIÓN, a company creator of the seal ‘Covid Protected Space’.

To transmit their message and reach companies, they have used the intelligent formagame experiencesThese being the new interactive, personalized and direct way of presenting companies, their services and, at the same time, answering questions about a specific topic. For this reason, they have earned the trust of such relevant companies as is the case of DUE CORPORACION to communicate their Covid Protected Space and PRL (Occupational Risk Prevention) seal.

To provide clients and workers with the confidence that the workplace has a management system to minimize the risk of contagion of COVID-19 This Certificate arises, according to the Sanitary guidelines, recommendations of the Ministry of Health, the National Institute and Regional Institutes of Safety and Health, of the ILO, as well as according to current legal regulations.

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Sánchez – Cervera Rodríguez affirms that customers react positively to a certificate that accredits the ‘Protected Area’. COVID-19 is a major new risk factor that arrives wreaking barely unprecedented market havocTherefore, “applying health and safety management measures that have been proven effective to control any type of risk is a maxim”, he adds.

What does this Certificate consist of?

Through an on-site audit, which includes both the documentary aspects of the system and its effective implementation, the auditors of DUE CORPORATION They review activities, processes, equipment and facilities to prevent COVID-19 infections in their work centers, with scope both to their own workers and to clients and contractors.

“If the result of the audit is favorable, with prior approval of DUE CORPORACION and complying with the PROTECTED COVID-19 SPACE stamp procedure, the center may make use of said certificate, submitted to the appropriate periodic follow-up audits, for its maintenance ”, they narrate from the company, a pioneer in issuing this type of certificates.

So, from the hand of Formagame (the technology development company that helps companies spread messages on highly relevant topics), have created a personalized and interactive experience in which the user can talk with José Manuel Sánchez – Cervera Rodríguez to resolve all their doubts about this new certificate.

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