The creative minds of the SWTOR community – This is PeterTheSelkath!

Our “Community Highlights” series is back! This series of articles features members of our creative mind program – the people who support and entertain Star Wars: The Old Republic fans with walkthroughs, videos, and guides they’ve created. We spoke to YouTuber and Twitch streamer PeterTheSelkath about the many years he’s been making SWTOR content and how he got from creating tutorial videos to live streaming operations with members of his community.

What brought you to SWTOR as a player?

Like many people today, I came into contact with Star Wars at a young age. When my dad was in the military, Star Wars: Episode V was his favorite movie. My dad first showed me Star Wars when I was around 5 years old. And the rest is history! I’ve played pretty much every single Star Wars game and seen every single movie. Both Knights of the Old Republic games hold a special place in my memories. Even now they are still one of my favorite experiences. So it was clear to me that I absolutely had to try SWTOR.

What is one of your favorite memories while playing SWTOR?

Well, there are quite a few, but I would say I can’t decide which one. When I got the Collector’s Edition, I was completely blown away by this figure of Darth Malgus! And so I defeated Vitiate for the very first time as part of the Jedi Knight story – that was a really good and challenging fight.

After that, raids are very close to my heart. I still remember beating Kephess in Master Mode years ago. My group was even the second in the world to defeat this boss! Even if we weren’t the first, I still fondly remember it.

Oh speaking of raids! I recently started streaming raids again, and most of my viewers wanted to give it a try afterwards. We even managed to beat every single boss in Veteran Mode, even the one on Dxun (“The Nature of Progress” operation).

What made you want to become a content creator? Did you start with Twitch or YouTube?

I started on YouTube in 2013. I really enjoyed creating videos and guides for some of the beginners at SWTOR. Fast forward to 2016, that’s when I started streaming on Twitch. That’s when I noticed how much I enjoy entertaining people! From then on I just wanted to make people laugh and entertain. But I still wanted to make videos and how-tos, so I had to find the happy medium between the two.

In 2017 I was lucky enough to take over the “SWTOR Central” channel on YouTube, which I now run together with Sam, another content creator. Since then, I’ve found the perfect balance between creating videos and appearing as an “entertainer” on Twitch.

As a bilingual content creator, how did you deal with having both English and Hungarian viewers?

To be honest, it was pretty difficult at first. When I started recording videos, I had to pay more attention to my pronunciation and general wording. I still have problems with that today, but at least I make people laugh with my mistakes in English! I think it’s great that I can understand the Selkath language in the game, so that’s a good advantage for me. In case you didn’t know if you listen carefully – Selkath speak Hungarian.

I just think that it doesn’t matter what language you speak as long as you try and people understand you. Star Wars crosses language barriers, which is probably one of the reasons it has fascinated so many people over so many years.

Let’s go back to when you talked about helping newbies. There have been a huge number of new players since our launch on Steam: do you have any tips for them?

Raids! Try raids! There are tons of tips and guides out there from other content creators already, so I’d like to take this opportunity to ask people to try different aspects of the game and encourage them to take part in raids. Personally, I think it would be great if more people tried veteran mode operations. Veteran operations are the ideal blend of aspiration and fairness that newer players can face. I want other players to feel that sense of satisfaction that comes with beating one of the toughest bosses in the game.

But most of all, I’d recommend trying out everything the game has to offer. Class Stories, Galactic Starfighter, PvP, Operations, Uprising, Planetary Exploration, etc. This galaxy has so many things to offer! There is so much to experience and everything is within your grasp. Even if you don’t care at first glance, you should try it. Believe me, you won’t regret it!

We thank Peter for taking the time to talk to us, and we hope you enjoyed the interview with another of the creative minds in the community!


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