The cries of Pedro Sánchez pierce La Moncloa: “Fix me this broken!”

Shouting. Yes, yes, loudly. So it ended last Thursday Pedro Sanchez his two-day trip to Algeria accompanied by a group of Spanish businessmen. The President of the Government was bitter about the visit. The blow from the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid forcing the confinement of the community to be lifted left him out of the game.

The ruling also caught him by surprise. In fact, he phoned Salvador Illa in full official acts in the African country, and the minister had to request a recess in his appearance before the Health Commission of Congress to answer the president’s call.

“Fix this broken for me!” He told her sharply. Illa was so dislocated that he came to propose to the executive of Isabel Diaz Ayuso meet urgently.

But in the Royal Post Office of Puerta del Sol they warned that they preferred to wait for their technicians to prepare a initiative that the cotton of Justice could pass. They did not want the decisions to be overthrown by the judges due to the nerves of the Health Minister.

Meanwhile, amidst the confusion and uncertainty of his own making, Sánchezhe was selling ”a collaboration offer, but without stopping looking at the sanitary measures imposed by the Ministry of Health through an order or at the option of promulgating the state of alarm in Madrid. “We have to put all the instruments and all the measurements on the table to bend the curve,” he deepened Sánchez, disgusted, from Algiers.

The procession carried her inside. Surrounded as he was by a large delegation, he could not vent his anger. So the storm was unleashed as soon as we returned to La Moncloa. His anger had increased in degree as he read the appearance of Ayuso that, while offering an outstretched hand to the Government of the nation, he had made it clear that the adoption of new proposals was his.

Moncloa has mistakenly underestimated Ayuso since the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis

The president of Madrid spoke of returning to partial confinement by basic health zones and not by entire municipalities. The president of the Government tires a heavy weights of its hard core, according to the account of the situation of sources of all solvency. Sánchez couldn’t digest Ayuso twisting his arm.

Angered by the full-blown setback, the demand for explanations it was rising in tone until the president did not contain himself. He definitely lost his temper. A handful of close associates had to endure the downpour as best they could.

Shortly after, once calm returned, Sánchez spoke on the phone with Ayuso. He had two conversations with the Madrid president to first try to force her to seal an agreement on the initiatives to be adopted. The second, to warn him that he was determined to press the button of the constitutional tool of the state of alarm for 15 days, with or without your placet.

With emergencies

So that there would be no doubt about his decision, the royal decree was prepared that same night with the overturning of each and every one of the initiatives contained in the ministerial order lying down by the TSJM.

The urgent and extraordinary convocation of the Council of Ministers, after checking where the cabinet members were, many of them already on a bridge outside Madrid, was the reflection of Pedro Sánchez to stick your head in front of Isabel Diaz Ayuso. A president, by the way, whom the Palacio de La Moncloa has mistakenly undervalued since the very outbreak of the coronavirus crisis.

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