“The culés started the season with many illusions and with good results”

This Sunday has ended up being a very good day for him president of FC Barcelona, ​​Josep Maria Bartomeu. One of the club’s sections, the futsal section, has won the Champions League, the third in the section’s record, so the president has celebrated it with the fans.

10/11/2020 at 10:25 PM



“I am very happy and very happy for all the Catalans. A Champions is a Champions and the players have deserved it with their effort. I want to thank Andreu and his coaching staff for the work in this strange season, ”Bartomeu told Esport3 after the match.

In the short interview, the president also spoke about other sections of the club, such as the men’s first soccer team.

In football there is a young team with enthusiasm, which will give us many claims. In basketball they have also started with good results, and in women’s football. The culés started the season with many illusions and with good results”, He commented.

With a vote of no confidence about to move forward, Bartomeu celebrated what may be one of his last titles at the helm of the Barça club: “I’m happy. The smile I have now is the one that all the Catalans should have in their mouths right now. “

“Years ago in this meeting we had the initiative to bet on futsal, and we already won the Champions League in 2012 and 2014, and now this third. The fact of winning the Champions League also allows us to play a new one next season. We hope that this atypical season we can win two Champions”, Concluded the president of Barça.


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