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Pittn did the first. Photo: @SanLorenzo

The illusion in the official start of Diego Dabove’s cycle is sustained by a promising start by San Lorenzo in the match against Arsenal, for Zone 1 of the League Cup. The Cyclone took advantage of a devastating first 20 minutes in which it knew how to take the advantage of two goals. However, it could not sustain the level and lost ground. Anyway, it was enough for him to win 2 to 1 and add confidence for what is coming.

The baptism in the network in this new season came very quickly for the Cyclone. It took just 4 minutes for the local to take the lead. The pressure exerted by the azulgranas men before the departure of the rival was already beginning to notice. And from a corner kick, Jalil Elías (one of the reinforcements to debut) recovered, Federico Gattoni was smart to open it first for the right and Nicolás Fernández threw the low center that Bruno Pittón capitalized under the arc.

Nor did San Lorenzo react to the Viaduct team. Four minutes later the spell for Franco Di Santo was broken. The Mendoza man had not had good performances since his arrival, but on the night of Bajo Flores, he put the head to a center by Gino Peruzzi to put the second of those led by Dabove.

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It had been difficult for the 31-year-old forward to adapt to Argentine soccer. He suffered more than he enjoyed in Mariano Soso’s cycle. But he had a good preseason and already in the friendly with Gimnasia La Plata he managed to score two goals. The streak was prolonged by the points and he was able to shout for the first time in his homeland to stretch the clear victory of San Lorenzo.

He could have made his second after a punt by Nicolás Navarro, but his first shot went over the crossbar. With authority and absolute dominance in every area of ​​the field, the locals justified the advantage comfortably. The visitor was stunned by the two blows in the breakfast of the meeting and it was difficult for him to stand firm on the lawn of the New Gasometer.

However, little by little he approached the arch of Fernando Monetti with more drive than order, the Ass. The airway, due to the impossibility of finding fluid play at the bottom, was the chosen route. And from there it came to the discount in a surprising way. From the second play of a corner kick, came the center from the left and the header of a very free Julián Navas who put the ball in the corner.

As the minutes passed, that intense pressure that the Cyclone imposed at the start weakened and thus the balance in the midfield was balanced. In fact, the second half started much more even than the first and the process went back and forth, with a more confident Arsenal and a San Lorenzo betting on the speed of its extremes: Uvita Fernández and Lucas Melano, another of the new faces.

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In that back and forth, the homeowner had better and clearer chances. Navarro excelled in a point-blank shot from Di Santo. Juan Ramírez, of a very good level, had a shot from the outside above. He did not take advantage of those opportunities and Arsenal began to gain ground. Dabove put Angel Romero for Melano and took out Juan Ramírez, of a very good level, for the entry of Lucas Menossi.

Also Oscar Romero and Alexander Díaz entered. And there was the return of Andrés Herrera. But the fresh legs did not change the momentum of a team that was far behind Navarro’s goal in the final section. Arsenal did not know how to take advantage of this situation and did not create situations of real danger. Thus, the result was unalterable and the triumph was dyed blue and red.


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