The danger persists for Rivera and Chamelecón, warns Copeco


Although yesterday the streets of Chamelecón woke up without water and the residents resumed cleaning, the flooding of the rivers Ulúa Y Chamelecón remain a threat after the storm has passed Iota.

As with the tropical storm And, the water went down much faster in Chamelecón that in the Rivera Hernandez.

For that matter, yesterday morning the streets were no longer flooded, they only had little mud while in the Rivera the water continued to rise and encompass more and more colonies.

Many residents of the lower parts of the colonies such as San Antonio, San Juan, San Isidro, San Antonio, 10 de Septiembre, Suyapa, Sabillón Cruz, Morales and Santa Ana resumed cleaning work yesterday that they left unfinished after being affected ago. 14 days for Eta.

According to Copeco, in San Pedro Sula there are four thousand to five thousand people who were evacuated and put in shelters.

Now, the work is greater because the water levels caused by the Iota storm were more extensive and the remnants of water remain a threat.

“We already had clean, on Friday we were going to pass, but since they gave the alert we did not. We managed to rescue some things and others were lost ”, said Alba Sarmiento, from the Villa Rica neighborhood.

Sarmiento was cleaning with his children because he no longer wants to continue under the bridge on the southern boulevard. “We have nowhere to go, we have been under the bridge, but we are afraid of being crowded by the covid,” he said. Unlike the first storm, they now have clean water, helping them move faster with cleanup.

While scooping mud out, Guillermo Cruz, from the Terencio Sierra neighborhood, shared that they need help from the government because they feel lonely.

“There is aid that comes, but only at the top and nothing down here,” he reproached.

Cruz indicated that the residents’ desire to return is because they have nowhere to go, because the shelters are full and they do not have the necessary conditions to house them in the midst of a pandemic.

The storm caused a lot of damage to the electrical service, that is why there are several areas without electrical power.

Still flooded

In Rivera Hernández the situation is different. All the lower colonies in the sector are flooded and the water seems to continue to advance to areas where it did not reach And. “You can’t go in because the water reaches your waist in some parts and it’s worse down there,” said Teresa Tróchez, from 6 de Mayo.

Jaime Omar Silva, special commissioner of Copeco Northwest, declared that it is necessary for the affected inhabitants not to return to their homes yet, because more floods are expected from the rivers Chamelecón Y Ulúa by the rains in the west.

“We cannot be trusted by this improvement in the weather. We have to continue in places that are shelters or homes of family or friends, because we are waiting for a new flood for the afternoon (yesterday) we do not want to alarm, but we do want to prevent ”, he emphasized.
Silva pointed out that they expect rain for today and tomorrow.

Damaged fords

The Municipality closed the fords of Juan Lindo and Colombia indefinitely because Storm Iota caused damage under the tiles.

The authorities stressed that when the flow decreases they will be able to make a greater evaluation of the damage and know for how long they will be closed.

13th Street, 7th Avenue in the Paz Barahona neighborhood is still disabled because the storm lifted much of the pavement and the work could take several days.


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