The Darkmoon Feasts are coming!

It is a great pleasure for us to announce the first Dueling tournament ever: the Darkmoon Feast! From 19:00 CET on November 24 to 01:00 CET on November 25, several of your favorite creators of Hearthstone they will face off for a total prize of $ 200,000. You can see it in, and the respective channels of the participants!

The Feasts of the Darkmoon will use a new format that we call Last Duelist Standing. In it, the participants face in 3 incursions of Duels in closed circuit until only one of them remains or one of them reaches 12 victories. Each victory obtained is worth 10 points and, when a player loses 3 games, the raid ends for him. Once the 3 raids are completed, the points of all are combined to get a final score. This is the one that decides the outcome of the tournament and the distribution of the main prizes, although you can also win extra prizes for being the “last duelist standing” in each raid.

Who will rise to the title of “last duelist standing”? Join us in O on November 24 to find out. See you in the chat!

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