The day Leeds de Bielsa surprised Arsenal at the Emirates

Back in time on January 7, 2020, when the pandemic of the coronavirus it seemed like a science fiction story and the fans could gather in a stadium to watch a game, Leeds United, one of the revelation teams (and future champion) of the Championship, visited the Emirates to face Arsenal in the FA Cup fourth round. And although the victory ended up being for the locals, the popular clamor and the recognition of the world of football was taken by the team led by Marcelo bielsa.

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That day, Arsenal won 1-0 against Leeds with an alternative 11, but that he played with the same voracity as in all the games since the Rosario first sat on the substitute bench. So much so that he dominated his adversary in each of the sectors of the field: aerial game, ball out, midfield duels, presence in the area and also on clear scoring occasions. In none of these facets had Leeds been outmatched, but rather the opposite. In fact, the main sin was the lack of effectiveness Given the Emiliano Martinez, then a goalkeeper for the Gunners, covered three shots aimed at goal and Patrick Bamford, currently listed in the Premier League, crashed a shot off the crossbar.

Bamford had several chances to score that he could not specify.  (Reuters)

Bamford had several chances to score that he could not specify. (Reuters)

Such was the superiority between one team and the other that Gary Lineker, former English scorer and current BBC commentator, had tweeted at halftime: “If you don’t know which is the Premier League team, you would think for sure in Leeds United“.

However, as the old soccer saying goes “the goals you don’t make in one goal, they make them in the other.” Leeds lacked forcefulness, lowered the intensity after a terrifying 45 minutes and Arsenal took the first chance they had to beat a young Illan Meslier, who was taking his first steps into professionalism.

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Beyond that history is written only once, Bielsa will cross again against Arsenal: It will be next Sunday from 1:30 p.m., although in a totally different context given that they will be measured at Elland Road and for the ninth day of the Premier. Further, Visiting legend Ian Wright commented: “The game against Leeds must be of great concern to the team.”

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Likewise, Jack Harrison, a fundamental piece in the ideal team of Loco, assured that the stop for FIFA Date was essential to be able to lower a change after having suffered two goals (both 4-1) in his last two presentations. “It was good for us to have this little break. I think we are all ready to get running in the league up and running again“. And I add: “Marcelo has had a lot of time to correct mistakes during these two weeks and we’ve been working as a team to avoid the mistakes we’ve been making. “

Rodrigo has a goal since his arrival in Leeds.  (Reuters)

Rodrigo has a goal since his arrival in Leeds. (Reuters)

On the other hand, Bielsa received two good news for the following commitment: recovered Rodrigo Moreno, who is already healthy after having tested positive for Covid-19, and no player who traveled with his teams presented any physical discomfort. In addition, Diego Llorente could make his debut after overcoming a tear and will probably have Pablo Hernández again, who had been sidelined from the match against Crystal Palace for unsportsmanlike conduct.

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