The Dean illusion: Atlético Tucumán’s path in the Professional League Cup – Tucumán

Atlético Tucumán beat Racing 2-0, added his fourth win to the thread and ensured your ranking to the next phase of the Professional League Cup. With still 2 dates to play, against Arsenal and Unión, The Dean of Tucumán will seek to secure first place with a view to the 2020 Cup Champion Phase.

The Dean is the pointer in his area with 12 points, but he still does not have the first place assured. Unión beat Arsenal 3 to 2 in Sarandí and adds 7 units, so it could surpass the current leader. Racing, after 4 defeats, is already eliminated from the Champion Phase.

Those led by Ricardo Zielinski will receive Arsenal de Sarandí next Monday, November 30 at 7:20 p.m. at the Monumental José Fierro and there it will seek to secure first place, which would represent an important benefit with a view to the next Phase.

The Cup Champion Phase

The 1st and 2nd of each of the 6 Zones qualify for the 2020 Cup Champion Phase. The 12 qualifiers will play 2 zones of 6 teams each, all against all, but on a single wheel (not back and forth), with locations in favor of who classified as pointers.

If Atlético Tucumán finishes first in its group, it would play 3 games at the Monumental José Fierro in the Champion Phase and 2 as a visitor.

The first of each group get the pass to the final, which It will be played in a single game and on a neutral court. In case of a tie, penalties.

The winner will be proclaimed champion of the Professional League Cup 2020 and will obtain the pass to the Copa Libertadores de América 2021, while the loser will play as a prize the Copa Sudamericana the following year, in 2022.

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