The death of Donald Trump, by Jordi Puntí

For 31 years, the series ‘The Simpson’ he has seen a lot of predictions about the future come true, born from his mischievous gaze. The list is incredible. Among other things, they foresaw corruption scandals at FIFA; in a 2010 episode, Milhouse He was betting that the economist Bengt R. Holstrom would win the Nobel Prize, and so it was six years later. They also sensed that one day there would be computer clocks or that Greece would go bankrupt. But the most famous prediction took place in an episode from 2000, in which Bart Simpson travel to the future and see how in 2030 his sister Lisa will be president of the United States, replacing neither more nor less than Donald Trump.

What seemed impossible and absurd was fulfilled and, in fact, these successes confirm that its scriptwriters have not stopped observing society with a critical and mocking look, But above all realistic. Now they have announced that, in the episode that will air tomorrow in the United States, Lisa gives 50 reasons not to vote for Trump next November 4. In this case, however, they have not needed to invent anything, because what they adduce are idiotic opinions of Trump himself.

The success of ‘The Simpsons’ is a good example of the paradox that occurs in the United States: a society often conservative and traditional, but where freedom of expression is untouchable. We have seen it, too, with Trump’s covid infection. There have been comedians who immediately joked with the possibility (and the wish) that he died. On the ‘Saturday Night Live’ show, for example, the comedian Chris Rock It said: “President Trump is in the hospital with covid, and I only want to say one thing: all my spirits for the covid.” And another comic, Michael Che, commented on Trump’s recovery thus: “What a disappointment … It’s like when everyone dies in a car accident except the driver who was drunk.” Without compassion, then, but as the same comedian also said at another time: “If it were Biden the one who is sick with covid, sure that right now Trump would be giving a rally, without mask, and amusing the public with the imitation of Biden with artificial respirator ”.


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