Ashton Williams, Community Manager of Infinity Ward, has responded to what players call Modern Warfare Gunfight Alpha their "biggest complaint."

Gunfight Alpha of Modern Warfare dropped slightly earlier than on August 23rd. The majority of players have the first chance to get their hands on the final episode of Infinity Ward in the Call of Duty series.

As is customary in an early build of a game, a reddit thread was created specifically to track bugs and glitches in the game and minimize potential publishing issues.

Infinity Ward

The alpha was released one day earlier and has received generally positive feedback.

A hot topic among the fans was a new visual feature for Call of Duty, where a player's screen pulsates black and white when seriously damaged. Most CoD games have a similar function, e.g. B. red haze that occurs at the edges of the screen when they are badly damaged.

However, many Reddit users complained that the new visual feature makes visibility difficult and causes problems for the players.

Reddit u / speedy117 said, "It might take a bit of getting used to, but I do not really like your screen getting black and white when you're really hurt."

Ashton Williams, Community Manager of Infinity Ward, said she "saw some comments. No promises, but something to look into. "

As a community manager, Williams focuses on communication rather than direct involvement in the development of the game. However, she will pass the feedback on to the developers of the game.

One Reddit user stated that "Gunfight alpha is by far the biggest complaint" while another one said he "would prefer the old red / blood chaos around your screen if it's damaged, though." Bold black and white is annoying and feels weird to look at and makes it incredibly hard to fight back. "

Although nothing is promised, it certainly sounds as if Infinity Ward will seek community feedback and be open to making changes to their game.

This is the second feature Williams announced that Infinity Ward will investigate after being told that they will explore the possibilities for adding custom ADS sensitivity controls. However, a console FOV control will not appear in Modern Warfare, as confirmed on August 23.