Users can choose from three relatively new games

Ubisoft offers a bonus game with digital pre-orders from The department 2 on the PC to get players to cash in their money before the start. Anyone reserving a copy from the Epic Games Store or Uplay before March 14, 2019, can redeem a free copy of it Watchdogs 2, Far Cry Primal or Ghost Recon Wildlands to play. This offer is valid for customers who have pre-ordered the upcoming MMO-lite title and are valid until March 31, 2019.

To redeem your copy, you need to make sure The department 2 will be displayed in your Uplay library. If so, go to this website and fill out the form to receive your additional game. You do not have to pre-order anything other than the standard edition of The divisionSo do not worry about dropping more money. The offer seems to apply to digital copies purchased in brick-and-mortar stores, although I can not imagine a dealer offering anything beyond GameStop.

I can not knock on Ubisoft because I want to reward customer loyalty, but I find it funny that this is the first one classification Not available. I suspect it would be silly to jump into a sequel without having played the first one, but strange things have happened.

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