When Natalie Portman triumphantly raised Thors Hammer at the San Diego Comic-Con in July, the fans cheered. Partly because it was a surprise: that was a detail from Marvel that managed not to leak.

The fans thought they would eventually get a new Thor movie, but they did not know what it would look like. And especially the fans did not know that Portman would be there after having apparently left the Marvel Cinematic Universe behind Thor: The dark world, If Portman and Chris Hemsworth share the screen in the next movie, who is the main character?

Who is the lead actor of "Thor: Love and Thunder"?

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth | Christian Petersen / Getty Images

The news was exciting and led to a bit of confusion. Was this a movie starring Hemsworth or Portman in the lead role? Or are they both responsible? Any scenario would be interesting, but is this a predominantly Hemsworth Thor story that becomes a Portman Thor in the final act? Or is this a predominantly Natalie Portman Thor story in which Chris hands in the hammer in the first act? Or is it something completely different? Suffice it to say, the questions are endless.

Director Taika Waititi at least provided some clarification to MTV News last week when he said that both Hemsworth and Portman would share the film, though it sounded like Hemsworth was more prominent.

Asked by MTV, Waititi replied, "It's Chris [Hemsworth], "It's a Thor movie, it's Thor, it's a Thor movie, it's in."

Not the most insightful insight, but we'll understand that it's mostly Hemsworth's Thor, while Portman's Thor shows up late. Waititi may not even know it, because when MTV asked how far he was in the script, Waititi said, "Page seven."

The complicated story of Thor and Jane Foster

Not only is it a bit difficult to figure out the trajectory of the characters together, it's also difficult to keep their trajectory separate. At the end of Avengers: FinalThe Thor (Hemsworth) continued with his new friends The Guardians of the Galaxy. That's how it seemed Thor 3 or Guardian of the Galaxy 3 would be that Asgarden of the galaxybut that does not happen. At least not yet.

Then there was Portman's Jane Foster, who left afterwards The dark world but has not been seen since. Many people have heard that Portman was dissatisfied after her supported director, Patty Jenkins, left the project. Jenkins went on to direct Wonder, WomaTo great success, and Marvel and Portman seemed to have finally parted ways.

But then something funny happened. Portman appeared in Avengers: Final Premiere last spring, which leads her to the whisper that she would star in this movie. It was her, but she did not do anything new: her scenes in the time travel section were Dark World recordings.

After the comic-con, the fans knew why she was there: she returns to the franchise and eventually becomes the new Thor.

Taika Waititi also plays with DC

During the MTV interview, Waititi also confirmed that he was there The suicide commission, the continuation of Suicide Mission). Director James Gunn tweeted from the cast list, which included the returning Margot Robbie and Viola Davis. Cryptically, Gunn also tweeted "Do not cling too much," suggesting that this list is unlikely to be final.

The MTV News crew asked if Marvel players were allowed to play in DC movies, and the answer was definitely yes. Both Waititi and Gunn have worked for Marvel. It was announced that Gunn would succeed Suicide Mission Continued before Disney put it on again Guardian 3and Gunn has confirmed that he does both.

Likewise, Joss Whedon led the first two avenger Watch movies before you go to DC to help complete justice League, How successful this transition was is debatable, but it shows that you can play in more than one superhero world at the same time.

How it all works, we'll see when The suicide commission arrives on August 6, 2021 and Love and thunder arrives on November 5, 2021.