The Division 2 will receive more updates this year

The last season of The Division 2, called End of Watch, was presented as a conclusion to the story of the game and seemed to be the last piece of content to come. However, Ubisoft announced last Friday that the game will continue to be updated during this year.

In a post on The Division’s Twitter account, the developers wrote: “Some of you noted that Title Update 12 was the last major update for The Division 2, but thanks to your continued support, we are now in the early stages of developing fresh content that will be released later this 2021. ″

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Also, they say they will take the opportunity to fix some bugs present such as unexpected game crashes or faulty textures on the PS5 version.

Developer studio Massive had previously announced that they were beginning development on a new Star Wars game, so it was not expected that continued support for The Division would continue. Now, although they do not reveal dates yet, from the company they assure that we will not have to wait long to have new content in the game.

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