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A year ago Donald Trump was dedicated to trying to offend the Chinese by calling chinese virus to covid-19. It was the time when the first news we had had came from Wuhan, they passed through a bat, a pangolin and who knows if a chop-suey of chicken livers. Trump defended his theory of chinese virus : “It is not racist. We call it that because it comes from China and I want to be precise ”. But later details came in explaining that before Wuhan, cases had appeared in Europe. Go know.

The fact is that, finally, the world has ended up calling it covid-19 (first with capital letters and then without) or, simply and without detailing the harvest, covid. Using nicknames to name diseases is a practice frowned upon by those who receive the club. For this reason, the WHO has decided to change the name of the variants of covid that now appear every day. The head of emerging diseases and zoonoses of this organization says that they work with the objective of not stigmatizing the countries where they originate or the people who live there: “We have been saying for years that the name of the pathogens should not be their location. We are working on developing a nomenclature for each variant ”.

Covid variants will no longer be called British, Brazilian, South African or Ugandan

Currently, the covid-19 variants that occupy the first places in the classification are the British (indisputable first place), the Brazilian and the South African, a podium to which the Ugandan and Californian variants are approaching. Brits, Brazilians, South Africans, Ugandans, and Californians are supposed to feel very, very offended when they hear these variants named after their names.

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But the same thing happened, a century ago, with the Spanish flu, which had nothing to do with Spanish and stayed with this name even though it had been detected for the first time in the United States, in Kansas. People have always used to shake off responsibilities and use adjectives that carry abominable diseases in other towns. Syphilis started out as the bad neapolitan for the French, but from then on it became, depending on where, in the bad English . The Spanish called it the bad german , the flamingos the bad Spanish , the Russians the bad polish , the Turks the bad christian . I remember that during my tender preadolescence, the elders called it the bad french , detail that disturbed me because a fellatio was a French and it was never clear to me if that was a consequence of this.

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