The drone footage shows the size of the Storm Dennis flood in Cardiff

The extent of the flood in Cardiff can be seen in this footage taken from the air after a month of rain hit parts of Wales in just 48 hours.

Bute Park has been closed to the public, houses have been flooded and the Taff Trail has been completely submerged in parts of the city.

The 40 ponies of the Cardiff Riding School of Pontcanna Fields have been evacuated to safety.

The Cardiff council warned residents to stay away from Pontcanna Fields and reported that river levels are still high near the Ely river in St Fagans and that Michaelston Road in that area has been closed.

The areas of the lower walkway and Roald Dahl Plass of Mermaid Quay have been closed to the public due to adverse weather conditions.

Teams of advisors have tried to clean up canals and culverts to try and protect properties

Meanwhile, the drone footage shows how much Bute Park was flooded after the River Taff blew up its shores on Sunday.

Bute Park underwater with the Principality stadium in the background
Bute Park underwater with the Principality stadium in the background

There have been floods in some Llandaff homes near the Taff River and the houses of the Whitchurch Forest Farm have been evacuated.

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Breaking news about Storm Dennis

On Sunday afternoon, the council said that river levels had peaked and are now starting to fall.

The building in Bute Park was closed to the public for the day

Hundreds of onlookers have found scenic spots along the river to see how far the river has reached for itself.

The Met Office said more than 157mm of rain fell in parts of South Wales over a 48-hour period.

The forecast is that the rain will rain on Sunday afternoon to leave the sun and scattered showers.

It will remain windy at night with heavy thunderstorms in some places, and Monday will be a day of scattered showers, interspersed with bright or sunny spells.


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