The drug may reduce mortality from covid

A team of Spanish researchers has found evidence that the drug cyclosporine could reduce mortality from covid-19. Scientists have obtained these results after having analyzed more than 600 patients who suffered from coronavirus and have found that those who received cyclosporine -a drug currently used in transplant patients- were less likely to die. The study has been led by the QuirónSalud Madrid University Hospital and the European University.

600 patients analyzed

In order to reach these conclusions, the team has analyzed the treatments of 600 patients admitted to the hospital from March 10 to April 15. “Patients who received cyclosporine were 81% less likely to die than patients who did not receive this treatment,” explain in a note Daniel Carnevali, Head of the Internal Medicine Service of the Quirónsalud Madrid University Hospital and professor at the aforementioned university.

During the first stage of the pandemic, explains Carnevali, “we used therapies on which we had a reasonable hope that they would have an effect, but without clinical trials to support them: antimalarials such as hydroxychloroquine, antivirals such as Lopinavir-ritonavir, antibiotics; corticosteroids and drugs that act in the inflammatory phase of the disease such as tozilizumab and cyclosporine “. He emphasizes that “the most surprising finding of our study is that the patients who received cyclosporine had a greater survival compared to those who had not taken it”, however, he emphasizes that “the results must be taken with caution”.

Cyclosporine: a promising drug

“What we have verified is that patients who have received cyclosporine are not essentially different from other patients, they suffered from comorbidities [dos o más trastornos o enfermedades que ocurren en la misma persona] However, their clinical outcome has been better. “And he concludes:” We have found evidence that cyclosporine could be a promising drug. “

Although the results of this observation are successful, clinical trials are still needed where cyclosporine and placebo can be randomized between patients in order to demonstrate its efficacy. Dr. Carnevali recalls that coronavirus disease does not yet have a standard treatment.


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