TThe Duchess of Cambridge has become a presenter of Blue Peter as she joins the seminal television program to lure the British children out into the pond and build a cave.

The Duchess, who unveiled her Back to Nature garden at the Chelsea Flower Show last month, is taking part in a special segment to be broadcast on Blue Peter on Thursday night to ensure that "ten to fifteen minutes" be played outside often as possible.

She will also be launching a "one-time" competition for young viewers to design a sculpture to be set up in her garden at RHS Wisley in September. Two runners-up are encouraged to design their own activity cards to help their colleagues garden.

On the program, the Duchess will talk about the importance of outdoor games and confess that her own children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, are "pulled out" when it "rains or shines".

"It boosts creativity, confidence, and even a short span of time – 10 to 15 minutes outside – and has a huge impact on physical well-being as well as on our mental wellbeing," she said in a conversation with presenter Lindsey Russell.

In a seven and a half minute section of the program aired on CBBC, the Duchess will be featured as a "Golden Blue Peter Passport Holder" before joining three outdoor activities kids can try out at home.