The Duchess of Sussex visits the Vancouver Women’s Center in the first public commitment since the “split” of the royal family

TThe Duchess of Sussex visited a women’s center in Vancouver on Tuesday, her first public engagement since she and Prince Harry announced that they were “stepping back” as elderly members of the royal family.

On Tuesday she was photographed aboard a floating plane in Victoria’s Inner Harbor on Vancouver Island.

It arrives a day after the queen has given permission to the duke and duchess to live outside the UK and cut some of their royal duties, starting a transitional period in which they should live in Canada.

She was later photographed as she met with staff from the Downtown Eastside women’s center in Vancouver to assist women, including counseling, food and necessities.

“Look with whom we drank tea today! The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, visited us today to discuss issues affecting women in the community,” the group wrote on Facebook.

The apparitions of the Duchess in Vancouver are fueling speculation that she and Harry may settle in the area.


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