The Duchess of Sussex’s father prepares to testify against her in court when text messages describing their fall are revealed

“Mr. Markle also had the right to publicly correct the false and harmful information (for him) that had been provided about his conduct in the People’s interview and to publish most of the Letter and its contents as necessary for that purpose.”

Tthe defense also claims that Markle hasn’t heard from her daughter since August 2018, when she sent the “immaculate copied” letter and the “self-congratulatory” letter.

Stressing that it was written “in its elaborate calligraphy” without “cancellation of amendments”, the group of newspapers states that “it must also be deduced from the care that the Applicant has taken in presenting the letter that anticipated it to be disclosed and read by third parties” Emphasizes that the Duchess “has chosen to remain silent” on the question of whether she has authorized her friends to speak to people.

The magazine published a story citing a “family friend” on Tuesday, according to which the couple felt they had no choice but to manage things the way they had.

The proceedings in the High Court Chancellery Division are privately funded by the Sussexes, with the proceeds of the damages granted that must be donated to a charity anti-bullying organization. However, legal experts said the pair may have already spent around £ 350,000 on the action so far. Sources close to them insist that they are “determined to have their day in court” and will take the case “to the end”.


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