Tottenham coach Danny Rose, who had been thinking about the season and playing in the English National League recently, talked about how hard it was to be among Champions League winners Jordan Henderson, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Joe Gomez. after he had lost few in the final days before.

As reported by the BBC, Tottenham's defender said:

They are remembered every day you lost, and that was a unique experience for me.

Many have suggested that Tottenham was the better side of the night in Madrid, but it was the Reds who got away with the trophy despite their atypical performance.

Rose admitted that it was exhausting to share a camp with the English team-mates, and after leaving the club was shy about his Spurs future. He knows this happened at his age when he was 28.

It's not about regular football of the first team. I know my age and I know how the club is doing when you reach a certain age, you may be redirected by it.

Later, he admitted that playing England was an honor, and although he felt tired, he would never decline the duty, no matter what obstacles he has to overcome.

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