The entertainment venues of Barcelona ask to try the night opening now to avoid bottles

The bosses of nightlife Fecasarm, which also represents restaurateurs, has asked the Generalitat to make a reopening pilot test restoration and nightlife as soon as possible to avoid “uncontrollable” large bottles and private parties after the end of the state of alarm.

This employer explains that it plans to meet on Thursday with officials from the Department of Business and next May 10 with the Deputy Mayor for Security, Albert Batlle, to ask them for support in carrying out a pilot test in Barcelona, ​​as detailed in a statement .

Fecasarm proposes to carry out a test of this type next May 21 in Barcelona that includes previous tests and self-tests, QR codes and disinfection devices of air and surfaces by ionization in a series of premises.

4,000 attendees

Specifically, it proposes asking both administrations for their support to a pilot test in which you want them to participate between 8 and 11 restaurants and nightlife in Barcelona, with some 4,000 attendees and no time restrictions.

They have volunteered to participate in this local test like Sutton; Pacha Barcelona; Opium Barcelona; Shôko Barcelona; Input High Fidelity Club; Gatsby Barcelona; Delfina Port Olímpic and Bling Bling Barcelona, ​​and the Jamboree, Moog and Sala Apolo could also be added to the experiment, adds Fecasarm.

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The president of Fecasarm, David López, has assured that “if there is no legal offer, people will will move to private parties and will make a bottle“, and has warned that the police will not be able to control so many illegal activities.

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For this reason, Fecasarm has shown its concern for the excessive and uncontrolled increase in the supply of illegal nightlife which predicts that it will take place from May 9, due to the lack of a leisure offer beyond 23.00.


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