The EU and Great Britain should come to a Brexit agreement

War that theatrical thunder before the glittering finale? Or was it the attitudes of the citizens of the United Kingdom that the country would leave the country ME Will be a tough one, without a free trade agreement, but cheered by hardcore Brexiteers?

Out Prime Minister Johnson’s appearance on Friday one could read one like the other. He did not break off negotiations with the EU, but made their continuation dependent on a fundamental change in the EU’s negotiating position. It goes without saying that the EU should also show flexibility; Johnson should know by now that she will not “fundamentally” change her approach. Moreover, he shouldn’t be surprised: Anyone who breaks international law – keyword Northern Ireland Protocol – must expect the European side to insist on clear, binding agreements in matters of dispute settlement.

The parties are no longer that far apart. Even the British Foreign Secretary said a trade deal was in sight on Friday morning; only two questions are still in dispute. In any case, that didn’t sound like “The end is near”; that sounded more like going on. And to continue would be what would be in the interests of everyone, the kingdom as well as the Europeans from the continent, even if they are slowly getting tired of Johnson’s unreasonable demands and do not want an agreement “at any price” either.

It is true: A clear, sharp cut to the EU would be in the logic of the Brexits and the fantasies that fueled him. “Regaining control of the borders”, the British version of “blooming landscapes” – that was what the Brexit advertisement had promised people, not another close connection. But that would not only make sense, it would be necessary. Because it is also true: the prosperity and security of the Kingdom will continue to depend largely on the quality of relations with the EU. Anyone who wants to be satisfied with an “Australian” level of relationship fails to recognize the economic interdependence. Or he doesn’t care.


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