“The exodus can happen”: Gallardo and the players who could leave the River after the Copa Libertadores

The coach knows that, once the competition is over, several footballers can emigrate, since “we are at a disadvantage because of the currency.”

If you put yourself in optimistic mode and able to achieve the feat in Brazil, Marcelo gallardo It will have one more game in this 2020 season that ends in the first month of 2021. But if it does not succeed and Palmeiras is the finalist of the Copa Libertadores, The Allianz Arena may be the scene of the farewell of several footballers from their squad.

In fact, it was a topic that he analyzed during his extensive press conference prior to the trip, with the Pratto case as the flag, explaining that “I always had a good treatment and he has been a player who gave us joy. For a while I have wanted to leave and when that happens I must wish him well “.

But looking ahead, he assumed that “I knew for six months that the exodus of players could happen. We are in a country that does not seduce economically and what happened to us will continue to happen. We run with too much disadvantage with the currency of our country“.

Two years ago, after the memorable final with Boca, he managed to avoid the exodus by dint of renovations and his power of conviction, so that they only emigrated Pity Martínez and Jony Maidana. After Flamengo the bloodletting was expected to increase, but it also contained it until the pandemic arrived: there he fired Nacho Scocco, Juanfer Quintero, Lucas Martínez Quarta and finally, surprisingly, the Bear. However, once the Libertadores ends, whatever the result, he will have to accept several goodbyes.


Montiel River Nacional Quarterfinals First leg Copa Libertadores 2020

He is the player with the greatest chances of emigrating during the current European winter pass market. After being closely followed by West Ham, it is Roma who have the best chances to win him immediately. Despite its millionaire termination clause, La Loba would disburse a figure close to 7 million euros that would be left free to the Millionaire.


Nacho Fernandez Banfield River Plate Professional League Cup 20112020

Nacho Fernandez Banfield River Plate Professional League Cup 20112020

After the age of 30, Nacho knows that his chances of emigrating to make a full “economic difference” are not superfluous. The fact of not having a European passport closes the doors of the old continent, but from their representation they will work on an exit to Brazil, Mexico or the MLS, three competitive destinations with economic power.


Nicolas De La Cruz River Paranaense Copa Libertadores 24112020

Nicolas De La Cruz River Paranaense Copa Libertadores 24112020

The case of the Uruguayan comes with an issue that must be resolved: his contract, which ends on June 30, 2021, was in the process of being renewed with a millionaire clause, but an old debt with Liverpool of Uruguay that was never paid and blocked the talks with Paco Casal. River will try by all means to avoid a free exit or for a significantly lower value than the market.


Carrascal River Palmeiras Semifinal Ida Copa Libertadores 2020

Carrascal River Palmeiras Semifinal Ida Copa Libertadores 2020

The Colombian caught the attention of several European clubs even before showing his best performances with the red band. A priori, due to his youth, he is the one who could lead the renewal of the team, but his naive expulsion against Palmeiras in the 0-2 match did not go down well and Gallardo may give up quickly with this bet.


Boca River Enzo Perez Maradona Cup 020121

Boca River Enzo Perez Maradona Cup 020121

A fixed one in each market: for several recesses that Mendoza is one of those that could emigrate and this time, with his contract ending, it could materialize. In fact, a few days ago his representative denied a pre-agreement with a Turkish club, but the rumor raised the alarm about one of the experienced.


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