The expandable nano PC even with an M-1 2242 – PcDeMaNo

From kuego we will not be able to complain about nanoPCs since after the announcement, back in the spring, that Chwui was going to release one, similar products have not stopped coming out to increase the competition of that LarkBox. How could it be less until Xiaomi sells its own.

The problem with all these miniPCs is their complicated, rather impossible, expandability due to their small size. Hence the interest of this new Panther Pico PC whose project on Indiegogo will be released on December 8.

This new picoPC, apart from being externally illuminated by LEDs, will have 4 USB3 type A ports in addition to one C (for power?), Dual-band WiFi and BT 4.2.

In terms of RAM, it supports up to 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of eMMC storage, also having a small fan to keep the temperature under control … and, what is more interesting, a M.2 2242 slot for an additional SSD that can work on Windows 10 , Ubuntu and “Linux”?


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