The explanation of the tweet from the Spanish embassy in Turkey that everyone talks about

No, it’s not him Messenger of a cani in the 2000s “, as a ForoCoches user says. It is Ladino or Judeo-Spanish, a language derived from Spanish spoken by Sephardic Jews. And in that language that survives through the centuries, more than 500 years after the expulsion of the Hebrews from Spain, the viral tweet of the Embassy of Spain in Turkey, which everyone talks about.

“Kind friends and friends of the Sefaradi Community. For me it is a great honor and a privilege to be able to address myself to others in such an important date as that of oy. Devesh de saver ke shows both each is yours and we are at your disposal for what you need ”, it reads.

The message, published yesterday on Ladino’s Day, pays tribute in their language to a very notable community in Turkey, since 96% of the 15,000 Jews residing in that country are Sephardim, descendants of those expelled in 1492 who arrived on boats to Edirne, capital until 1453 of the Ottoman Empire.

Despite the beauty of the tribute, many users of social networks made fun of the messages, thinking that it was misspelled. “For this you have to study a diplomatic career?”, “Are you drunk writing like that, right? I can’t find another explanation ”,“ I vusco hofertas for a hairy guy, thank you ”, are some of the little-documented responses of some of them.

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However, another legion of tweeters began to explain why this way of writing, a history and brotherhood lesson for those who want to open their mind a little …

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