The father of Jack Shepherd's victim believes justice is approaching after a Georgia judge ruled that the speedboat killer must be delivered to the UK where he will begin his jail term.

A court in Tbilisi agreed to deliver Britain on Tuesday after Shepherd announced that he would appeal against his conviction for the death of 24-year-old Charlotte Brown.

The couple had been on a first date when Shepherd's speedboat had toppled over and killed Ms. Brown in the icy waters of the Thames in London.

Shepherd fled his homicide at the Old Bailey, but fleeting devotion to the authorities in Georgia six months after he was convicted in his absence.

The 31-year-old was sentenced to six years in prison but was allowed to appeal against the conviction.

He told the court in Tbilisi that he had made the "difficult decision" not to deny extradition, "because I want to participate in the appeal process, to fight for my freedom and to be with those whom I love, my family, my son".

Graham Brown, however, said the reality was that Shepherd had a weak case and "no choice" to return, as the father celebrated the extradition decision.

"It brings us closer to bringing justice to Charlotte. We're glad it's coming to an end, "Brown told ITV News.

"We hope he does not come through with his call, which worries the family more, but I think that could be a deserted hope."

Charlotte Brown
Charlotte Brown (Metropolitan Police / PA)

One of the shepherding lawyers in Georgia, Tariel Kakabadze, estimates that Shepherd could return to Britain within two weeks.

Shepherd faced a personal injury on 16 March last year over a suspected Devon attack.

An arrest warrant for him was issued by the judges in Newton Abbot after he had not visited the court.

No date has yet been set for the appeal hearing.

Shepherd's team of lawyers had fully considered the delivery of battles and successfully delayed the return by persuading a judge to rule out a quick trial. The prosecutor officially requested his extradition on March 1st.

Shepherd appeared at the Old Bailey on January 26 last year to cover manslaughter through gross negligence, but the jurors were alerted to his absence at the start of his trial in July.

In January, the Exeter-born web designer dropped by authorities in Tbilisi, where he has since been detained.

Ms. Brown's family from Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, fought a battle for justice after her death in December 2015.

Shepherd is returned to the Old Bailey before he goes to jail.