The family is unable to leave the house because the mice infected with the disease run in revolt in the garden

A family claims to have been abandoned by their council in a battle against a rat infestation outside their home, which forced them to stay indoors.

Mama Chantelle, who did not give her surname, said rodents hurried to dig in the sewers and around her garden while eating garbage left in a near ten feet.

In the past six months, the 21-year-old and her family have become prisoners in their own home and are desperate for action from the Hull City Council.

Despite having metal grates mounted on the drains to prevent access to furry intruders, the family – including restless children, aged between two and six months – says that there are still a dozen hanging around outside.

Zach with his daughter Ella are desperate for advice to relieve them of their mice problem

Chantelle said she called the rats council several times and the amount of litter left near her home, reports HullLive.

He said, however, even after completing a list of instructions, the council has not kept the side of the deal, coming to put the poison down to settle the matter once and for all.

Zach, the father of Chantelle’s children, who didn’t even want to give his full name, said the list included “making sure no food or junk was dumped and no bird feeders”.

Rodents hurried to dig in the sewers and around the garden while eating garbage left in a nearby ten feet

“The council said that if the mice hadn’t gone away after compiling the list of instructions they would have come and put the poison down, but they didn’t,” he continued.

“It’s not her tenfoot trash and she’s not leaving food out, but it seems Chantelle has to deal with mice on her own.

“I’m worried about my kids. We didn’t leave them out because of all the mice and we don’t want them to catch anything.

The family feels abandoned by the council in their battle

“The council needs to do more to stop this.”

The family footage shows the mice above the bins and also under the drain pipes in the garden, so why the grates were installed.

“The house has concrete floors so we’re not worried about the mice entering the house, but it’s the fact that they’re always out,” said Zach, who is also 21 years old.

“Something must be done about the trash in the area,” he added.

A spokesman for the council said: “We have received a service request from [Chantelle] on January 8, mice had been observed in his own garden.

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“As is our normal practice, a sheet of advice has been sent explaining how to reduce the likelihood of attracting mice to its garden (for example by limiting access under the floor and interrupting actions that could provide food for mice e.g. feeding birds).

“Support users are advised to contact us again if problems persist after the suggested actions have been taken.

“[Chantelle] made contact shortly before 16:00 on Thursday 20 February. We will respond to this request within the deadline of three working days, “he added.


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