Police revealed that after the death of her baby, a heavily pregnant woman was stabbed in her room while her entire family was at home.

Kelly Mary Fauvrelle, a 26-year-old Royal Mail employee, was eight months pregnant when she was murdered at her home, Raymead Avenue, in Thornton Heath, London, Saturday morning.

Her baby, called Riley by family members after delivery by paramedics, died in the hospital early Wednesday morning.

Kelly Mary Fauvrelle died Saturday morning from a stab wound.

Riley's father, who was not living with Mrs. Fauvrelle, was with her son at the time of his death and is currently not treated as a suspect, Scotland Yard said.

Police broadcast CCTV footage of a possible suspect being seen walking to the address before they ran away a few minutes later.

Chief Inspector, Mick Norman, said his family had been alerted to the "vicious" attack caused by his screaming, around 3:30 am.

"It was a savage and sustained attack on a woman obviously and obviously very pregnant, who had catastrophic results," he said.

"She was stabbed multiple times and when the family entered her room, she was seriously injured."

Mr. Norman stated that the entire family of Mrs. Fauvrelle – her mother, her two brothers, her sister and her baby – was in the house but had not seen the attacker.

"The attack took place in Kelly's room on the ground floor and on the back of the premises," he said.

"In terms of access, there is a common gateway and the obvious access point would potentially be through the kitchen.

"There is no sign of forced entry, but that does not mean that by accident the locals were not sure".

Very pregnant, Kelly-Mary Fauvrelle was stabbed to death with her critically injured newborn.

He added that the murder weapon, which could be a kitchen knife, has not been found yet.

In the images published by the Metropolitan Police, a man is walking towards 3.11am towards Ms. Fauvrelle's address and coming back a little more than 10 minutes later.

The force appeals to anyone who may know the potential suspect to contact the police.

Mr. Norman was not able to say if Ms. Fauvrelle 's abuser was known to her and the officers kept their minds open.

Kelly-Mary Fauvrelle was waiting to give birth in the summer

The detectives are trying to paint a picture of the life of Ms. Fauvrelle and the people she knew.

"What is very clear is that she was very happy to be pregnant," Norman said.

"She was very anxious to be a mother, she was popular but also a very private person."
Two men suspected of murder were arrested.

One of them, aged 37, was released without further action and a second, aged 29, was released on bail until early August.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Police Incident Room at 020 8721 4005 or Crime Stoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.